If your child is frightened by bad dreams at night, creating a dreamcatcher with Wikki Stix is a tangible craft to help ease bedtime anxieties.  The dreamcatcher is an ancient Chippewa legend with a sweet story that kids will adore.  Share the legend, create the Wikki Stix dreamcatcher, hang it over the child’s bed at night, and the dreamcatcher will hold all bad dreams in its web.

Help Ease Bad Dreams with a Woven Dreamcatcher Craft!

Wikki Stix Woven Dreamcatcher Craft for Kids!

Skills Presented in Creating the Dreamcatcher:

  • Fine Motor – threading, stringing, weaving
  • Concentration and Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Basic Math – lines, shapes, patterns
  • Individual Artistic Expression
  • Engineering – woven construction and design>

Materials needed:

  • Metal Craft Ring (any size desired)
  • Assorted Colors of Wikki Stix
  • 2 Craft Feathers
  • Assorted Beads (pony beads work well)

Set out all supplies on a table as an invitation for the kids to create.  The Wikki Stix dreamcatchers can be individual crafts or they also make fun party/classroom crafts for kids to create.


  • Invite kids to choose the colors of Wikki Stix they wish to create with.
  • Wrap the entire metal craft ring with any color(s) of Wikki Stix.
  • Divide the ring into 8 sections by stringing 4 Wikki Stix horizontally, vertically, and diagonally (wrap any extra length of Wikki Stix around the edges of the ring).
  • Starting at the center, weave colors of Wikki Stix over and under each of the 8 sections. (Note: as kids come to the end of a Wikki Stix strand, simply tuck and press the length behind the woven center and start weaving again with a new Wikki Stix).
  • Thread pony beads onto separate Wikki Stix strands.
  • Add a craft feather to the bottom of the beaded strands. Wrap the end of the Wikki Stix around the feather to hold in place.
  • Attach the beaded strands to the craft by wrapping the Wikki Stix around the bottom of the ring.

The Wikki Stix dreamcatcher craft is a fun craft for kids to create.  Tell kids the legend of the dreamcatcher and help them hang the craft over their beds.  It’s a great visual reminder for peaceful sleep and loving dreams.

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